Home Repair and Remodeling Testimonials

The Greatest Find In My Life

Thank you so much. No matter what you do for us it is always to perfection, always appearing to be there as part of the initial build. You were the greatest find in my life. For all the suggestions + solutions and completions for us - We again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. -Adele + Kathy, Wilbraham, MA

We Couldn't Be Any Happier

I can't begin to tell you how absolutely thrilled Mark and I are with the work that Jessy did in our bathroom!!! I'm so in love with it. I just want to live in there... It came out even better than we had hoped. We're so grateful that he was able to share our vision for that space and willing to take on the project. We couldn't be any happier. Please thank him again and again for us.-Christine & Mark, Monson, MA

Fine Workmanship and Professionalism

As I told Jessy...tearing a little while I was trying to explain how grateful I was to see such fine workmanship and professionalism ....It is uplifting to have folks have the same philosophical views in relation to work ethics and positive concerns for a "job well done"...That, is my opinion about the end product of what I see, after waiting, and saving for years... Thank you both for such fine attention to detail, thoroughness and a stunning bright cheery new kitchen. -Jeannie, Westfield, MA

Home / Business Remodeling, Plus Electrical Repairs

My family has enjoyed the services of Sirois Home Solutions for about ten years. During that time, we have contracted to have a kitchen and baths remodeled, French doors installed, electrical work performed, new roofing and porches replaced, and other remodeling and home repairs made over many years both in New England and Florida. We have also had the services of Sirois Home Solutions for our manufacturing company and have found them to be not only fair in their pricing of jobs, but also, they are a highly skilled, competent, honest, and trustworthy company. We recommend Sirois Home Solutions for any home or business remodeling or electrical repairs that may be needed and we are confident that you will be more than satisfied and pleased with their workmanship. -Margery, Suffield, CT

I LOVE My New Bathroom

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my new bathroom. Everyone compliments! -Chris, Agawam, MA

Effectively Completing Small and Large Renovations

Pam and Jessy have done several home improvement jobs for us over the years that have greatly enhanced our lifestyle. In 2006 Pam designed a complete kitchen remodel that included a new addition. Pam worked closely with us every step of the way and really listened to our needs. The end result was a kitchen that is functional, spacious and attractive. We absolutely love the new look of our home as a result of Pam’s design and we constantly receive compliments from friends and family about the warmth and functionality of our kitchen. It is truly the centerpiece of our home.

Last spring Jessy redesigned and rebuilt the deck around our pool. What a dramatic difference it has made to our home and ability to entertain! Jessy’s workmanship and attention to detail are excellent and unrivaled by any contractor we have worked with. He finished the job on time and on budget while delivering a product that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Pam and Jessy to anyone looking to tackle small or large renovations. Thanks Pam and Jessy! -Paul and Karen Derry, New Hampshire

Contractor “Royale!”

A unique blend of talents, skills, and services unmatched in the “contractor” industry… more than twenty different jobs inside and outside my home were completed with the highest quality, in a timely manner, and right the first time. The most competent and trustworthy contractor that I have ever worked with. -Fred, Monson, MA

We Fully Recommend This Remodeling Team

We own a 1950s traditional cape house. Our goal was to take down a wall to expand our kitchen/dining area. This wall happened to be a “load-bearing” wall. We were concerned that this change could negatively impact the integrity of the whole structure.

After talking with Jessy, both my husband and I were convinced that this could be realized without great expense or compromising safety. Pam designed a floor plan that blended the formerly two small rooms into one cohesive space. On our limited budget we were able to completely transform and update an old-fashioned kitchen into an efficient and aesthetically pleasing work and dining space.

Pam’s recommendations when selecting cabinetry, flooring, tiling and appliances and color coordination were invaluable. Small suggestions, such as the specific placement of decorative tiles, gave our kitchen the unique look we desired.

The job was done quickly so we were not without a “working” kitchen for long. We fully recommend this remodeling team. -Bob and MaryEllen, Greenfield, MA

Very Impressed

Pam-...please let Jessy know that we really appreciated him coming so quickly and working so neatly. I was very impressed. -Sam, Monson, MA

Pam and Jessy Are A Great Team

Whether working together or by themselves, they are very professional with excellent attention to detail. Jessy’s craftsmanship is superb. Pam is very knowledgeable of products that are available to complete your projects from helping you to select paint colors, wallpapers, countertops, appliances, carpeting, molding, etc. If something is available, Pam will find it to meet your decorating needs. They are perfectionists in what they do. We are very pleased with their work and professionalism. -Don & Marcia, Monson, MA

A Whole New Look Without Breaking the Budget

Pam and Jessy Sirois are a wealth of knowledge and talent not to mention all around great people! Pam’s creative mind has transformed our entire kitchen. We were not ready for an expensive large scale renovation. Using what we already had, along with some new paints and hardware we have a whole new look without breaking the budget. We are so pleased with the change!! Jessy is a gifted builder and remodeler. He is currently doing major exterior renovations at my next-door neighbor’s home and all I can say is that we are truly enjoying the view!! Call the “Dynamic Duo” today and know that you have made a wise choice. -Jackie, Monson, MA

I Fully Endorse Sirois Home Solutions

The first time I engaged Sirois Building was to look at the walls of my circa late 1800s house and tell me how to proceed with the walls. Jessy counseled me that the walls probably wouldn’t recover from stripping the wallpaper to accepting a painted finish without complete restoration, costing thousands. I decided at that point to just paint over the existing wallpaper. Jessy used a special base coat to allow the paint to adhere in a way that would best prepare the walls for a solid, painted resurfacing. Pam selected a couple of paint color chips in the hue I’d suggested. That made my decision fast and easy. My family couldn’t believe the difference it made and the price was what I could afford.

The next time I employed Jessy I needed to replace windows. I wanted mid-price models that were easy to clean and energy efficient. Jessy found me a couple of choices and I selected a design that suited my taste. The best part was that he was able to install them over a weekend when I was away! I came home to a clean house and new windows. All the old debris was loaded and hauled away; I didn’t even need to vacuum!

My last and current interaction involves a 4 stage remodeling project. When I mentioned my ideas to both Jessy and Pam, it became apparent that the cost was a bit out of my price range (current economy and all). I really liked their idea of dividing the project into stages that I could live with and would stand alone until further progress could be made. The first step was to reopen a door in my kitchen to an existing side porch. At the same time an area of the kitchen needed cosmetic surgery to accommodate the changes.

Step two was to replace the decking and add stairs and a rail to the side porch. The third step is to add a deck and pour a concrete slab. The final and last step is to erect a privacy fence which will screen out the fantasized “hot tub.” (I am anticipating stage three to occur in the next few weeks!) Thinking about this project in smaller steps has helped me to afford and realize my dreams. This would not have happened had I not had the option to proceed a “step at a time.”

I fully endorse all the work that has been done for me by Sirois Home Solutions and appreciate the input received from Pam and Jessy along the way. -Helen, South Deerfield, MA